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Pi network has reached an important milestone to run the mainnet open on June 28?


On the morning of June 1, 2024, Pi Network announced on its social media pages that the network has reached over 11.1 million Pi Pioneers KYC verified and more than 5.58 million Pi Pioneers have transferred their Pi to the Mainnet wallet!

This announcement was made public on the very first day of June, the same month that includes June 28, which is celebrated as Pi2Day—the second birthday of the Pi Network. Is there a hidden message here? What could it be? Are you interested in finding out? Of course, you definitely are, right?

So, let’s analyze and speculate with Pi Network News.

First: Pi Network might organize a significant event, such as announcing something related to the Pi Network ecosystem.

Second: The Pi core team might introduce a reward and collaborate with multiple sponsoring companies behind Pi to showcase the project’s upcoming breakthroughs to the Pi Network community.

Third: It is very likely that the announcement will be about the official launch of the Mainnet and the initiation of exchanging goods and services with the real value of the Pi Network.

Why might these events occur? Let’s analyze.

An Event: As you know, Pi2Day is an annual event. On this day, the Pi core team typically announces an event related to speed, technology, and summaries of what has been achieved or not achieved—usually, such announcements come on June 28.

The Pi core team will give out a reward: It is very likely that Pi Network is accelerating the process of building DApps and will announce the winning projects and any received rewards—along with revealing the sponsors.

Launching the Pi Network Mainnet: It is very likely that Pi Network is subtly letting us know that the KYC process and the transfer of Pi to the Mainnet wallet are nearing completion, meeting the criteria for an open network. This also serves as a reminder for Pioneers to complete their KYC in time for the Pi network launch on June 28 or by the end of the year.

Whatever the announcement, the opening of the Pi Mainnet will occur once the conditions are met. We must patiently wait for the core team to build the DApps, at which point the sponsoring companies for Pi Network will be revealed.

As a result, exchanging Pi for services and products will become more common, and many Pi shopping mall will be established. The value of Pi Network will be very high, and exchanging Pi for cars, phones, and food will become frequent and public.

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