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Pi payment: Successfully exchanged a car worth $30,000 for only 0.103096 Pi


Pi payment: On May 12th in Indonesia, a successful exchange and purchase of a car were made with 0.103096 Pi.

Specifically, a video shared on Twitter showed Pi oneer Indonesia facilitating the transaction of a 7-seater car. With just 0.103096 Pi, the owner now possesses a luxurious car estimated at $30,000 USD.

This noteworthy event in Indonesia, where Pi Network was used to purchase a car, marks a significant milestone for Pi Network, showcasing Pi’s potential as a practical payment method for high-value goods.

Congratulations to the Pi oneers. Perhaps this is the hottest Pi network news today. Many people are sharing and commenting under the video.

Hopefully, this event of exchanging Pi for a car will spread to many countries, paving the way for Pi network’s prosperity and development. This is also the most prominent Crypto news; no other coin can achieve what Pi coin has accomplished. And here’s the video for you to watch.

Pi shopping Indonesia:

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