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Pi Pioneer has successfully exchanged many cars – GCV $314159


Welcome to Crypto News, delighted to share information related to the Pi Network once again. Here’s some hot news regarding the exchange of goods and products with Pi coin, with a value of GCV $314159.

Pi shopping in Korean 

Pi pioneers have successfully exchanged many cars.

In Indonesia, two Pi pioneers successfully exchanged for a brand-new 100% car.

In South Korea, they used the car as a taxi and accepted Pi as a means of exchange.

In Vietnam, specifically in Bac Giang province, a man used his Pi to exchange for a Toshiba refrigerator.

Using Pi to trade cars or electronics and providing services has been successful. Imagine that one day in the future, Pi coin payments will be a part of your life no matter where you are in the world. Shopping, trading, payments, everything becomes incredibly easy and fast

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