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Pi Pioneers in Indonesia will be able to shop comfortably on their first Pi e-commerce platform


A post shared on Twitter mentioned that in Indonesia, an agreement was signed between Pioneers and e-commerce platforms as well as product suppliers. Specifically, Pi Network News is pleased to share that this agreement involved cooperation among various suppliers and the company implementing an e-commerce platform within the Pi Network ecosystem named Indo Pinet Mart.

Pi shopping in indonesia

This e-commerce platform participated in the Hackathon competition organized by Pi Network. The signing ceremony included representatives from all parties involved.

Benefits of Indo Pinet Mart Signing – Pi Shopping in Indonesia

Collaborative Development:

Those with products to exchange within the Pi Network will post them on Pi Shopping Indo Pinet Mart. All transactions will be conducted using 100% Pi.

Extensive Product Availability:

Since Indo Pinet Mart operates in Indonesia, many products will be available for sale on the platform.

Pioneers as Service Users:

As the first Pi Network e-commerce platform in the archipelagic country of Indonesia, Pioneers here will be the primary users of this service.

This information is highly credible and factual. Congratulations to the Pi Network community in Indonesia. With the achievements here, it is hoped that Indo Pinet Mart will connect Pi holders with stores and supermarkets, fostering strong exchanges and creating value for the Pi Network.

Once again, welcome to Pi Shopping in Indonesia.

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