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Price of Pi network – can it values 1 million dollars or not?


Hello to the Pi network community worldwide. Over the years, Pi network has seen active participation from tens of millions of individuals. With the mainnet approaching, many are curious about the price of Pi network.

Pi shopping in usa

According to statistics on the Pi blockchain, the number of Pi coins rewarded to pioneers is rapidly increasing. This may be an urgent matter for the Pi core team.

On cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Okex, and on platforms tracking coin fluctuations like coinmarketcap.com, coingecko.com, the price of Pi network is noted to be quite high.

Please note that all these price fluctuations are virtual. Because Pi network has not launched its mainnet and does not allow conversion to fiat currency yet. The price of Pi network is only agreed upon through the exchange of goods and services.

How much is the agreed-upon price of Pi network? Let’s explore.

If Pi network is valued at $2?

This would be severely undervaluing a globally scalable blockchain project like Pi network at just $2. No one would accept this.

If Pi network is valued at $10?

This price would be more reasonable, but still unlikely to be accepted universally.

If Pi network is valued at $100?

This is not a low price for a new cryptocurrency like Pi network. In 2022, pioneers in Vietnam exchanged their gold for Pi coins at a value of $100/1Pi.

If Pi network is valued at $314?

Personally, this price seems reasonable, as many pioneers worldwide agree to this exchange rate.

If Pi network is valued at $1000?

It would be fantastic to have such a high value. You would become wealthy by owning around 500 Pi. Oh, by the way, how many Pi mainnet coins do you have?

If Pi network is valued at $6700?

It’s unimaginable for Pi network to have such a huge value. Note that this is a dynamic value agreed upon among Pi pioneers.

If Pi network is valued at GCV $314,159?

Are you surprised? Why does it have such a value and who has agreed to this GCV $314,159? Let’s explore together. This is not the only price; please support us by sharing this article with the Pi network community and those who are not fans of Pi network.

The agreement on the price of Pi is made by Pi pioneers from China, Taiwan, Nigeria, the Philippines, etc. They have exchanged products such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, phones, and cars for Pi coins.

If Pi network is valued at $1 million?

It’s terrifying, isn’t it? You’re not mistaken. This Pi coin value has been agreed upon by Pi pioneers in the USA, who exchanged supercars for Pi network.


So what do you think about these agreed-upon values? Please comment below. If you want to learn more about the latest Pi network news update and crypto news, visit our website regularly.

So, How much is 1 pi to usd?

And can you Convert Pi Network (PI) to USD?

There’s a lot of information, and many opportunists in hot projects like Pi network have devised methods to take Pi from pioneers.

With these two questions, please note that the Pi network team has not allowed the conversion of Pi to cash.

Many people have lost their valuable Pi by believing in such rumors. So please stay vigilant.

Okay, we’ll stop our article here. Thank you.

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